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Diary of a Terrific Teacher


School is in session and things are about to get silly. Meet Mr. Hollywood, a first-year kindergarten teacher, who hopes to change the world one child at a time. The only problem is he has no idea what he is doing! Read his daily diary to find out how the school year turns out in this hilarious and entertaining tale based loosely on real-life teacher Christopher Holley's time in the classroom.  You will be sent to the Principal's office if you don't get your copy today! 


Do Not Try This At Home!

It’s Monday night and your favorite Wrestler is on T.V. staring across the ring from his arch nemesis! You watch him intensely, studying every move he makes… Just as you climb atop the coffee table to recreate his signature splash, your Mom yells, “STOOOOOPP!!!” Johnny and Frankie are 2 inseparable best friends with a passion for pro wrestling. They live, eat and breathe it. Wrestling is their life. In the beginning, the boys were just spectators, watching weekly, playing with the figures and video games, and creating their own wrestling personas.

That was until Johnny got the itch and decided to convince Frankie to put on their very own wrestling match for all of their friends. Bringing the real-life issues of peer pressure and the dangers involved in wrestling to the forefront, this tale tackles the unintended consequences of wrestling at home. This story is perfect for parents of children who love to imitate their favorite wrestlers but do not realize that the injuries involved in ProfessionalWrestling 
are not pretend.

A World Without Water

A World Without Water is an illustrated story-poem for young readers that illuminates how we can all help solve today’s growing water crisis. Get washed away on this fanciful journey to a time and place in which the water has run out and see what can be done to conserve our most precious resource.

If You Had A Super Power What Would It Be?

Think about your favorite Super-Hero and what would you be if you could harness a SUPER-POWER?


What about a super-hero who can scuttle up the sides of skyscrapers, casting his threads far and wide as he fights villains, or, a super-hero who can scale the heights to overthrow intergalactic enemies which threaten our existence? Or, think up your own powers, like Jenny who’d do crazy things, like teleporting, talking to ghosts, reading minds, or being able to disappear whenever she wants. There’s no stopping her creativity. Blah, blah, blah!


Joey’s practical ideas would make such a difference to how we live! How about eradicating weapons, or curing sickness and disease? You know; the things that really matter!


Executed in rhyme and chock-full of juicy vocabulary (with glossary), author Christopher Holley has created an exciting and fun read ideal for the super-hero in all of us. Perfect for children ages 5 -11, and part of a series of fun and educational resources.

Chumbalina the Plump Princess

This isn’t your typical fairytale. Chumbalina is a plump princess and her size keeps preventing everyone from seeing just how fantastically fabulous she truly is. When she runs away, a gruesome giant tries to conquer the kingdom. Will evil prevail or will Chumbalina’s awesome appetite and epic eating contest idea save the day?


This fairytale was written for all the princesses out there who know that true beauty comes from within.

The Moustache Fairy

Alvin's missing moustache is causing him all sorts of grief. You see, everyone in the town of Mou has a marvelous moustache, except Alvin! 

After many failed attempts at attaining fabulous facial hair, he starts to wonder if a fresh-faced start in the town of Silky Smooth would be best, that is until his loving sister, the members of Mou and friendly fairy concoct the perfect plan to help shave the day. 

Sharing and acceptance are common themes in this beautifully illustrated picture book (The Rainbow Fish was a big inspiration for this story). Your face will feel warm and fuzzy from smiling so hard and you might even want your very own mustache after reading this fairy tale. 

You will never look at moustaches the same way again.

If Students Ran The School

What? Students in charge of the school!  Whoever came up with such a ridiculous idea?


Actually, as author Chris Holley delves inside the minds of today’s students, we find there is a huge amount of creativity and fun to be had! The kids are indeed ruling the school!

What fun do they have? Is Math still on the agenda? What with DJ’s dubbing, and teachers disappearing, there is clearly a NEW curriculum in place!


Ideal for the 5-11 age range, the story lends itself to the option of being a play, or an introduction to poetry and rhyme.

With 28 beautifully illustrated pages, your students and all kids will love the ideas. More likely than not, they’ll come up with their own to add to the list! Teachers beware!

Take Back Your Classroom




Controlling a class doesn’t come naturally to every teacher, and when faced with an overwhelming desire to quit teaching, elementary school teacher, Christopher Holley realized he had another choice. He could stay and develop strategies for improved class behavior. This 53 page guide uses the learning from that vital decision, providing, clear, insightful and practical advice for teachers and their assistants.

Techniques include:
 Behavior management (in and out of the classroom)
 Setting up your classroom for success
 Rewards vs. Consequence (motivation)
 Discipline techniques that work
 Becoming an overall better teacher


So the next time, you are faced with battle-fatigue, have faith that there are ways to strengthen your resolve and inspire your strategies. Take a look inside this guide and apply techniques even your teacher training didn’t cover. Suitable for veteran and new teachers alike!


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